Totem by the artist Aliashka, the little solar bead.


I'm working on compositing next to Sébastien Salamand, percussions, whistling and also as an actor !

This movie Clip is directed by Fred Rozot and Sébastien Salamand, coproduction by Wink Studio, Sébastien Salamand and Aliashka


Dancers : Eva Ndiaye and Laureen Parruite

LIAN's project is named  DENGTIAN 登天 - Freedom.


We had worked as a team on the conception of one person who arrived to liberate oneself.

Lian Peizhi : Stylist and Producer

Jingqian Zhou : Director

Marie Gaudilliere , Swann Nymphar : Dancers

Skin to Skin : After living in France for some years as an asian foreigners, Chaewon and Bella had this idea to talk about their vision towards the subject of equality and diversity of race. In asia countries, diversity of race / equity of colors is a completely new subject. Because the places where they are from, there is only small percentage of foreigners / immigrants. And they don’t have the same history of immigration. By this video, we want to introduce this subject to Asian countries, and tell them about what we have experienced : “No matter which skin color we have, we are the same : "Human“.

Chaewon Song & Bella Yoo : Director


Ablaye Diop : Dancer


Jingqian Zhou : Cinematographer

Jingqian Zhou & Bella Yoo : Post Production

Chaewon Song : Set Design


Spécial Thanks to Elvina Abdullina

Lian Peizhi : Stylist, Producer and Dancer

Lian Peizhi : Stylist, Producer and Dancer