Totem by the artist Aliashka, the little solar bead.


I'm working on compositing next to Sébastien Salamand, percussions, whistling and also as an actor !

This movie Clip is directed by Fred Rozot and Sébastien Salamand, coproduction by Wink Studio, Sébastien Salamand and Aliashka


Dancers : Eva Ndiaye and Laureen Parruite

LIAN's project is named  DENGTIAN 登天 - Freedom.


We had worked as a team on the conception of one person who arrived to liberate oneself.

Lian Peizhi : Stylist and Producer

Jingqian Zhou : Director

Marie Gaudilliere , Swann Nymphar : Dancers

Lian Peizhi : Stylist, Producer and Dancer