I work in collaboration with the artist film director Jingqian Zhou on various Experimental videos, here are some exemple :

“Origin”, a short film directed by Jingqian Zhou. “Origin” is about a new world in which all things merge into a whole, without gender, without race (be it human, animal, plant, matter, soul, etc.), without definition (laws, rules, etc.). Living things can reproduce by themselves (as hydra, sea squirts, sea slugs, starfish, bacteria etc. do). In this world, anything would be possible. We would be free to choose what we would like to be!
Although the four parts are placed in a certain order, they are nevertheless parallel: We have chosen for each part a theme as the first "Original Conceptual Body". Part One represents matter; Part Two humans; Part Three animals, micro- organisms, plants; Part Four the soul. Each original body is made up of each of the elements (human, matter, animal, plant, ...).
Through this short film, we would first like to make a bid for environmental protection through the concept of a community of living things in which all elements live and die together. Then we want to establish the hope that everything is possible, and thus appeal to people to have the courage to confront existing definitions and gain the freedom to act according to our desires!

“Forbidden Fruit” is about toxic food additives. In an artistic way it emphasizes chemical formulas such as melamine or Sudan Red, hoping to attract everyone's attention.

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I made this video with an old big bottle of wine and the video is made inside a a landing net from a swimming pool :)

I made those 2 videos in a mechanic's workshop !