The IRé duo: Irina Zhekova and Charlie Dalin have been involved as musicians and producers in the realisation of this project during the period 2011-2014.

With its jazz/world colours, this EP has the strength of its lyrics fed by the mythology of Bulgaria, the singer's country of origin, and delivers soft melodies, complex guitar arpeggios and voluptuous harmonies.

2011-2014: Production Irina Zhekova and Charlie Dalin. Digital release on the Bandcamp platform.

2015 : CD release thanks to kiss kiss bankers.

Espace Jean-Racine 1

Espace Jean-Racine 2

Espace Jean-Racine 3

Iré and Charlie - Espace Jean Racine - Nomade Festival

Iré and Charlie - Street Music

Ire and Charlie - Shturche Theatre - Bulgaria

Crédit Photo  : M.Cosatto / On Off Studio