Named with a Nordic allure, the album Lün offers a musical soil rich in sound material playing hot-cold contrasts by grooving Africa.

Thanks to Benjamin Caillaud and the "Busy" team for the quality of their knowledge and their help to finalize this project.

Thanks to the musicians : Nicolas Bras, Lydia Kanouni, Chloé Grupallo, Dan Murciano, Mc Dezagnan, Aka, Alexandre Marouani.

Musical creation and production :

Charlie Dalïn / Busy Studio

Photo Cover : Waldo Lee


Charlie Dalin / Lün


Hot Gnawa riffs, Hindu rhythms, a virulent Jew's harp, and exhilarating water drums, this playlist is colourful and always so worldly.

Muscial creation and production :

Charlie Dalïn / Busy Studio

Photo Cover : Waldo Lee

Charlie Dalin / Sün

The IRé duo: Irina Zhekova and Charlie Dalin worked as musicians and producers on this project during the period 2011-2014.

With its jazz/world colours, this EP has the strength of its lyrics fed by the mythology of Bulgaria, the singer's country of origin, and delivers soft melodies, complex guitar arpeggios and voluptuous harmonies.  

 2015 :  CD released with the help of kiss kiss bankers.


Music, Charlie Dalin, lyrics, Catherine Renée Lebouleux. Digifile 3 parts with 16 pages illustrated booklet. A beautiful moment of poetry in a world music atmosphere and a committed CD: part of the sale will be donated to WWF France.

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Music composed by Yohan Payet and Charlie Dalin. Wasp scratch, body percussion, computer battle, zany atmospheres and a mix of styles.




According to Balkan mythology, a Samodiva is a nymph who lives with her sisters in the Bulgarian forests. They have the power to bewitch with their celestial voices and lascivious dances, whoever crosses their path. Beware !

This album is a bewitching journey from Sofia to Harlem, an unusual musical fusion of Bulgarian voices and gospel hymns, led by a trio of virtuoso voices, accompanied by an incredible wizard of ethnic riffs & percussion by the name of Charlie Dalin. On stage it is the Samodivas, Caroline Daparo, Stefka Miteva and Julia Orcet who bring back the magic of this journey.


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